Hi, I’m Seolin and I’ve lived in Seoul, South Korea pretty much my entire life. I don’t plan on continuing that streak, though. I’m hoping to major in creative writing in the States and to stay there as a writer if things go well enough, although I really can’t be sure.

As a bilingual, there has been struggles with writing in a language that I don’t speak at home, but I think I’ve tried hard enough that I’ve reached a point where I can write in English and share my work with some confidence, at least. That’s all that matters, and what’s meaningful to me.

I have been diagnosed with many things that I’m tired of labeling myself with. So I will choose to use the phrase mentally ill to explain what my childhood was like, devoid of energy and motivation to pursue what I always loved: writing. It has only been vaguely two weeks since I’ve really kicked off as a writer, and I couldn’t be more proud of myself.

I love writing fiction, all genres except maybe romance. I occasionally write poems about my mental illness because it feels so much better to be able to express my personal feelings in condensed, descriptive lines as opposed to extended sentences. Creative nonfiction has always been something that I’ve been willing to explore, too.

Please feel free to leave comments under my posts if you have any thoughts. I love hearing from diverse voices, and it always helps to receive feedback as a writer. Also, a coffee never hurts. The link is in the menu. Any amount is hugely appreciated!

Thanks for visiting.

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    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement! I’ve actually been struggling with insecurity because I wasn’t sure if my work would compare to people who speak English as their native language.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us. You’d make a great writer, Seolin and I’d buy your book anytime!. I Love You,Mom. is my favorite story from you. I hope your dreams come true. I’m a fiction writer too and recently started my writing journey. Thanks for following my blog❤❤

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    1. Thank YOU so much for caring enough to read my stories! A lot of them are personal, so readers mean a lot to me. I really want to be a writer someday, and write a book. Thanks for encouraging me! I really, really appreciate it. I love the fact that you’re also a writer!

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  2. You’re much welcome. I draw inspiration from your works a lot dear. Hope we can both become established writers someday and hopefully meet🤗😁. I have dreams of visiting South Korea someday.

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